Study Abroad

Exchange/Visiting Student Program

Academic Information

Academic Schedule

  • Spring Semester: March 2 ‐ June 21
  • Fall Semester: September 1 ‐ December 21
Semester 1 (Spring Semester), Semester 2 (Fall Semester)
Semester 1 (Spring Semester)Semester 2 (Fall Semester)
Application DeadlineNovember 15May 15
Course RegistrationMid FebruaryMid August
Classes StartFirst working day of MarchFirst working day of September
Course Add/Drop PeriodFirst week of MarchFirst week of September
Course Drop PeriodThird week of MarchThird week of September
Midterm WeekMid-April (Eighth week of Semester)Mid-October (Eighth week of Semester)
Final WeekMid-June (Sixteenth week of Semester)Mid-December (Sixteenth week of Semester)

Course Load

Normally, one course is awarded 3 or 2 credits.


You can choose any undergraduate course regardless of your major.

Asian Studies Program

The Asian Studies Program has been developed specifically with international students in mind. It is designed for students who are interested in learning or increasing their knowledge of Asian culture and history. These courses are offered at no extra cost. All courses are taught in English and are offered both Spring and Fall semesters. Upon completing a minimum of six courses, students, who have obtained a GPA of 2.5, will be awarded a certificate.

Korean Language Course

We offer leveled Korean language classes in the evening at no extra cost. These classes provide students with an excellent opportunity to improve their Korean language skills and understand Korean culture. They will help students understand and use familiar expressions in everyday situations, which will help them make real life connections in Korea outside of the classroom.

Course Registration

We will send accepted students a course list at the beginning of February for the Spring semester and the beginning of August for the Fall semester. In principle, students are allowed to take any courses offered at Soongsil regardless of their major. The students should send a list of courses chosen by a designated date to the designated email address. Further instructions will be emailed directly to students.

Grading System

Letter Grade, Grade Point Value, Percentage, Description
Letter GradeGrade Point ValuePercentageDescription
Grading SystemA+/A0/A‐4.5/4.3/4.0100‐97/96‐94/93‐90Excellent

Credit Transfer

Credits earned at Soongsil will be trasnferred to the home university according to their rules and regulations.


Final grades will be available within one month of classes finishing. The official transcript will be mailed to the International Office at your home university. Transcripts will be sent out in late July for the spring semester and in late January for the fall semester.


Soongsil Residence Hall

The state-of-the art dormitory offers designated housing for students with two single sex buildings with separate entrances. It has 12 floors of modern living and accommodates over 1,400 students. And with room choices ranging from single to shared, the hall should satisfy all students who are looking for a safe and secure living environment. Additionally, there are common rooms on each floor, and other on-site facilities such as a gym, a cafeteria, a convenience store, laundry facilities and a post office. All rooms have direct internet access.

Location, Room Type, Period of Stay (Tentative), Fee, Address, Website
Room TypeDouble room with bathroom
Period of Stay (Tentative)16 weeks
  • Spring Semester: February 26 ‐ June 15
  • Fall Semester: August 29 ‐ December 16
24 weeks
  • Spring Semester: February 26 ‐ August 16
  • Fall Semester: August 29 ‐ February 14
Move-in/out dates
  • Spring Semester

- Move-in date: February 26-27 (Office hours 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM)

- Move-out date: June 16 (16 weeks) / August 14 (25 weeks)

Move-in/out dates
  • Fall Semester

- Move-in date: August 29-30 (Office hour 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM)

- Move-out date: December 16 (16 weeks) / February 14 (25 weeks)

※ The exact check‐in and check‐out date may change.

※ You will not bel able to move in to the dormitory earlier than the dates above.

Fee16 weeks1,305,300 KRW / person
24 weeks1,828,900 KRW / person

※ All costs include utilities such as electricity, water, gas and internet service

AddressSoongsil Residence Hall, Soongsil University, 369 Sangdo‐ro, Dongjak‐gu, 06978, Seoul,
(서울시 동작구 상도로 369 숭실대학교 레지던스홀)


Visa (D-2-6)

Every student will need to obtain a student visa before coming to Korea. In order to obtain the visa, students need to apply for it at the Korean consulate near their own home. Please consult with the consulate in your home country as to which documents are required. The following is a general list of required documents for issuing a student visa.

Required Documents

  • Application Form (
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Admission (This will be issued by Soongsil University.)
  • Proof of Financial Support (A bank statement or a scholarship certificate proving that you maintain a minimum balance or have a scholarship certificate to receive a visa)
  • Two color photos (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm)
  • Visa processing fee
  • Other documents required by the Korean consulate

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is mandatory for all exchange students. You are required to have health insurance which covers the entire length of your stay in Korea. If you purchase health insurance through the Office of International Affairs, it will cost approximately 100,000 KRW for 6 months and 200,000 KRW for 12 months. If you want to purchase health insurance in Korea, you can find more information in the following website:

Period of Coverage

  • One semester : At least 5 months
  • Two semesters : At least 11 months

Medical Insurance Minimum Coverage

Exchange Student Program, Visiting Student Program
Accidental Death and Disability100,000,000 KRW
Accident Hospitalization (in Korea)50,000,000 KRW
Sickness Death50,000,000 KRW
Sickness Hospitalization (in Korea)50,000,000 KRW
Medical Reimbursement (Outpatient)250,000 KRW
Medical Reimbursement (Prescription)50,000 KRW
Personal Liability10,000,000 KRW
Repatriation10,000,000 KRW